Bodine Capabilities

Bodine Aluminum specializes in sand and permanent mold 300 series aluminum alloy castings. Components can be “Machined Complete” to customer specifications utilizing one of our certified machining sources.  In-house heat treatment, finishing and assembly available as well as painting, plating and anodizing.

Bodine is a JIT facility. ISO Certified.

Sand Casting

We have three full service green sand molding processes for aluminum castings ranging from ounces to 160 pounds. 

*Jolt-Squeeze Molding

The Squeezer line is designed for low volume and/or prototype parts with flask sizes up to 18”x 18” Max.  

    * Automatic Sand Molding

    We operate three fully automated Hunter matchplate molding lines and mold handling systems that include automatic pouring ladles.  These high speed molding lines can produce a complete mold every 30 seconds and are designed for medium to high volume parts with or without coring.  Flask sizes are 14” x 19” and 18” x 20”.

      * Cope and Drag Molding

      We employ a separate cope and drag system for molds 42” x 54”. It is serviced by a complete crane system in order to handle, pour and shake-out all molds mechanically.

      Permanent Mold

      Our Permanent Mold castings from ounces to 150 pounds are poured in either cast-to-size or completely machined iron or steel, multi or single cavity molds.  The process utilizes 16 Gravity Tilt Pour machines and static pour methods with automatic pouring systems to produce sound, dense aluminum castings with superior mechanical properties.


      Loose Molding Floor with flask size up to 42” x 54”.

      Core Making

      Core manufacturing consists of  Shell, Isocure and Pepset with multi core assembly stations.  

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